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Voucherstore is working for hospitality and health & wellness businesses across Thailand to open up new revenue streams. Our eCommerce enabled platform helps your business sell more e-vouchers and gift cards, so your customers can better enjoy their leisure time. Voucherstore helps your customers access your products and services more easily, and we think making things simple is the smart way forward.

At Voucherstore, we believe it’s time to pull together, and we want to share the benefits of our experience with you.

The Voucherstore team has a combined hospitality and technology background of 10 years—and our mission is simple. We want to use what we know to raise profits for all the businesses that join our platform. Voucherstore loves to showcase your hospitality or health & wellness business in the best possible light, and we help position you right where your customers are looking to spend.

We have surveyed the current e-voucher market and are now upping the game. Voucherstore works to provide your sales and marketing team with a suite of smart tools that simplify analytics and open up more growth opportunities. Combine this with our deep knowledge of the hospitality and leisure market in Thailand, and we are geared up to unlock your profit potential with streamlined services that facilitate flow for you, and your valued clients.

Your unique Voucherstore storefront will draw your clients to a point of sale that offers them special upgrades, experiences, and more. The Voucherstore e-voucher platform has been designed by hospitality professionals who understand what people are searching for when it’s time to relax. Let’s grow together! It’s time to join forces and reinvigorate the hospitality sector across Thailand. We are excited—you should be too.

We are looking for someone special. We think it might be you…

Voucherstore is an eCommerce platform that serves the hospitality and leisure sector in Thailand. We are streamlining gift card and e-voucher sales in a secure online environment; we take care of our customers so they can increase revenue—and serve their clients better. Voucherstore works out of offices in Bangkok, working hard to take e-voucher sales to the world.

Do You Want to Increase Your Revenue?

Get on board with the gift card and e-voucher platform that is accelerating revenue for hospitality and leisure businesses across Thailand. Voucherstore is the streamlined e-voucher software you have been waiting for.

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