Streamline Your Gift Voucher Sales

Whether you are new to selling gift vouchers or already have established sales, Voucherstore is designed to significantly increase your gift card sales revenue. Our comprehensive gift voucher system takes the hassle out of selling, managing and redeeming gift vouchers, so you can focus on what you do best - running your successful business.
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Gift Card Software for Small Business

Voucherstore will help position your Hospitality or Health & Wellness brand online—exactly where your customers are looking to spend.


Sell Your Business' Gift Cards Online

Your customers can access special experiences, events, and gift card options that will put your brand out in front. Your business will sell gift vouchers online at a greater rate while gaining access to more in-depth customer data.

How does Voucherstore work?

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It’s simple to join and there are no subscription fees. Voucherstore is enabling voucher and gift card sales for leading hospitality and wellness businesses around the world, and we want you to reap the great benefits of our gift card system.

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  Create Your Online Store

We begin by helping you build your online store. Your online store is an extension of your brand and will feature your logos, colors and content.

Once you are happy with the look of your store, you can start adding “products”—these are your vouchers. Each voucher should include a unique offer with specified terms and conditions. Our gift voucher system enables both monetary gift cards and experience type vouchers.

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  Gift Voucher & Gift Card Delivery Made Easy

Your customer can choose how they want their vouchers delivered. One way is free—the other is a great value.

Via Email

Every email that arrives with your voucher attached looks as though it came from you directly. Your customer can download the PDF, use it on their phone with its dedicated QR code, or print out a physical copy to present at your venue.

Email vouchers are sent instantly, and they arrive without incurring further costs for either party.
e-voucher delivery

Via Traditional Post

Voucherstore has fulfillment partners around the world who take care of printing and sending out physical gift cards and vouchers on your behalf. Alternatively, you can manage your own fulfillment or print out vouchers directly from the admin dashboard.

Postal vouchers can be designed with all of your brand features, colors, and logos. This is a great gift idea.
Postal voucher delivery

  Payments on your terms

Get Paid Instantly

Other services collect your money and hold it for a length of time, Voucherstore is different. When your customer chooses a voucher from your online store, you get paid right away.

Only Pay When You Earn

There are NO sign up fees and NO subscription fees. Once you make a sale a small commission is deducted with the remaining balance paid directly to you.

Stay Safe with Stripe

Voucherstore uses Stripe payments, the worldwide favorite for e-commerce platforms. Your customers will be assured that their purchase will be secure, and you can enjoy smooth sailing with the swift delivery of payments.

Your Stripe account links directly to your nominated bank account so you can accept multiple online payment methods. It’s up to you when you get paid. You can choose from three options: monthly payments, weekly payments, or daily payments.

Every Stripe account has a dashboard, so you can log in and use it to easily manage the funds coming directly to your account.
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  Gift Card Processing Software

Voucherstore offers smarter redemption on vouchers. You can search for and redeem vouchers instantly through the dashboard. Or simply use a QR code scanning device. If you wish, customers can partially use a voucher and retain the remaining balance to use at a later date.
Gift card processing software

  Gift Card Management System

The Voucherstore dashboard is a user-friendly admin tool that puts you in complete control! Manage your products, create user permissions, resolve queries, and analyse a multitude of different reports. The dashboard provides the insight and control required to super-charge your gift voucher sales.
gift card management system

Gift Card Software Features

Streamline Process

Voucherstore’s reliable end-to-end service makes promoting, selling, delivering, managing and redeeming gift vouchers–more efficient.

Accelerate Sales

Our goal is to increase your revenue! Voucherstore offers more revenue maximizing features than the nearest competition.

Safe & Secure

Voucherstore uses the best fraud protection and shields your company from potential threats. Your data and the data you collect are in safe hands.

Sell More Gift Cards With Voucherstore

Sell Gift Cards Offline

Voucherstore’s POS mode lets you process orders through the dashboard. It’s super quick, which makes it ideal for face to face sales from your venue. You can accept credit cards or alternative payment methods outside of Voucherstore–helping you unlock cash and bank transfer sales.
sell vouchers directly from your venue, face to face sales

Create Packages and Cross-sells

Satisfy your guests’ needs with additional products that will enhance the customer experience. Your marketing team can create revenue maximizing add-ons with Voucherstore using more accurate sales information. This allows you to offer your customers more of what they really want.
sell gift experiences with add-ons and cross sells


Stories dedicated to extending gift voucher sales online to empower Hospitality and Health & Wellness brands everywhere.

Do You Want to Increase Your Gift Card Sales?

Get on board with the gift card and e-voucher platform that is accelerating revenue for hospitality and leisure businesses across the world. Voucherstore is the gift voucher system software you have been waiting for.

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