9 Must-Have Features for Your Gift Card Software

05 April, 2023

Gift cards have become a popular way to express appreciation and gratitude in our increasingly digital world. With the global gift card industry expected to exceed $750 billion by 2023, it’s essential to have reliable and user-friendly gift card software for your hospitality business. Here are nine must-have features to look for when choosing the right gift card software:

Customizable gift card designs

Your gift card design is the first thing that customers will notice, so it should reflect your brand image. Choose gift card software that allows you to create unique designs that match your logo, colors, and message. This feature not only makes your gift card stand out, but it also helps to reinforce your brand.

Multiple payment options

Ensure that the gift card software accepts various payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, and mobile payments. Providing multiple payment options simplifies the purchasing process, improves conversions and makes your gift card program more accessible to a broader audience.

Flexible redemption options

Your business may require flexible redemption options based on its type and the specific terms and conditions of your gift cards. For instance, if your policy mandates that customers must book in advance, integrating your gift card software with a reservations system would be practical. However, if your policy requires customers to present their gift card upon arrival at your venue, then your gift card software should also facilitate built-in redemption.

More integration options

The smooth integration of your gift card software with other software systems used in your daily business operations is crucial. Depending on the nature of your business this may include systems such as a Point of Sale (POS) or Email Service Provider (ESP) or Customer Relationship Manager (CRM). Integrating these systems will enhance your efficiency.

Electronic reporting

To make informed decisions, you need accurate data. Therefore, the software should provide automatic reporting on sales, redemptions, and other essential metrics. This feature helps you track the performance of your gift card program and identify trends that can inform future business decisions.

Fraud avoidance

Gift card fraud is a common issue in the industry. Therefore, it’s crucial to look for gift card software that has fraud monitoring features and security codes for protection against gift card theft. This feature ensures that your customers' information is secure and your business is protected from potential losses

Balance check feature

Customers want to know the remaining balance on their gift card. Therefore, the software should have a function that enables customers to check their gift card balance via a mobile app or the internet. This feature makes it easy for customers to monitor their gift card usage and prevents confusion when using the gift card.

Personalized messaging

Including a personalized message with a gift card can make it more memorable for the recipient. It’s worth considering software that allows purchasers to add a unique message for each gift card they buy. This feature can help establish an emotional connection between your business and your customers, increasing the likelihood of repeat business

Multilingual support

For businesses operating in diverse regions, it’s essential to have gift card software that supports multiple languages to cater to a broader customer base. In London, for instance, it’s estimated that 300 different languages are spoken. Offering multilingual gift cards can help your business stand out and better serve your local community. The ideal gift card software should allow gift cards to be sent in the purchaser’s preferred checkout language.


In conclusion, a successful gift card program launch requires reliable and user-friendly gift card software. Look for software that incorporates these essential features to ensure a great customer experience, increase revenue, and improve efficiency.


Is selling gift cards a profitable business?

Absolutely. For many companies, selling gift cards is a lucrative new revenue stream. Gift cards provide customers with an easy way to purchase goods or services, leading to increased revenue. Moreover, gift card recipients tend to spend more than the gift card’s value, generating additional income for the store. Gift cards can also encourage customer loyalty and repeat business.

Are gift card sales considered revenue?

Yes, gift card sales are a form of revenue. Many establishments sell gift cards, and some specialize in buying and reselling gift cards for other establishments. In the US alone, gift card sales reached over $160 billion in 2020.