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Vouchers are the single most profitable item your hotel can sell today. Delivering payment in full and in advance - they are only redeemed 85% of the time. With the remainder going to your bottom line!

Traditionally, selling vouchers was an inconvenient process. Whether it was maintaining spreadsheets or complicated shopping experiences for customers. It undermined the power of gift vouchers to grow your revenue.

We created Voucherstore to put an end to the complexity and make selling gift vouchers simple, secure and profitable for your hotel business.
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Compelling gift voucher statistics


of consumers spend more than the voucher balance during their visit.


of consumers say they have been introduced to a new brand through a gift card.


of consumers spend more when purchasing gift vouchers for friends/family.


of gift voucher recipients go on to become regular customers.

The gift voucher management system designed for hotels

Bulk Creation

Perfect for marketing campaigns or corporate relationships. Voucherstore lets you create and bulk send up to 1000 vouchers at a time.


Voucherstore features multilingual storefronts and PDF vouchers. So you can reach and serve more customers in their preferred language.

Manage Permissions

You can create pre-set roles for certain departments or fully customize user permissions on an individual basis. You decide what your employees can access.

Package Upgrades

Use your online store as an opportunity to cross-sell other products or services. Voucherstore lets you list a multitude of in-cart upgrades and add-ons.

Do You Want to Increase Your Revenue?

Get on board with the gift card and e-voucher software that is accelerating revenue for hotel and resorts brands across the world. Voucherstore is the complete gift voucher system you have been waiting for.

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