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Our commission rate in North America and Asia is 3%, but in regions where payment processing is cheaper,
the commission is raised to a maximum of 4.5% to ensure fair price parity for all customers.

Frequently asked Questions

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Funds are paid instantly into your Stripe payment gateway account. It takes a couple of days to clear, and then the funds are automatically transferred to your bank account. Please note that Voucherstore does not handle your sales proceeds.

Voucherstore will invoice you before the 5th of each month to collect the previous month’s commission fees.

It takes a couple of hours to create an online store and populate it with your voucher information. We can do this on your behalf.

Yes, you can use your own subdomain or subdirectory. Alternatively, you can use a Voucherstore subdomain.

Once your online store is created, you can add the URL to your navigation menu and call-to-action buttons.

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