How many vouchers can I sell at my online store?
Strictly speaking there is no limit on how many vouchers you can sell at any one time through Voucherstore. That said, we recommend you don’t overwhelm your customers by offering too many different options.
  How are gift vouchers delivered to my customers?
All gift voucher fulfillment is handled by Voucherstore. Customers can choose to have their gift voucher delivered via email (free of charge) or choose a hard copy voucher sent by ourselves for an additional fee (฿150). Hard copy orders received before 2pm Monday - Friday are sent out on the same day; orders received after 2pm or at weekends will be sent out on the next working day.
  How do I receive gift voucher sales revenue?
Sales revenue is paid directly into your Stripe account, minus Voucherstore commission fees. You can withdraw your funds at your own convenience.
  Can I process internal gift voucher sales through Voucherstore?
Yes; we advise processing all offline voucher sales through Voucherstore. The Voucherstore dashboard provides the facility to generate offline sales. This means all of your gift vouchers are verified and redeemed in one place and the unique voucher codes and reports are consistent
  What happens to unredeemed/expired vouchers?
It’s at your discretion how you choose to manage unredeemed or expired vouchers. Some users do offer an extended grace period, but the majority enforce strict expiry date deadlines. The Voucherstore dashboard allows you to redeem expired vouchers, should you choose to offer this – otherwise these sales become pure profit to you.
  How long are gift vouchers valid for?
You decide how long your vouchers are valid for; we recommend a twelve month validation period.
  Can I set unique terms and conditions for each voucher?
Yes; partners can add specific terms to each voucher or package. All terms and conditions are visible at the point of sale and on the voucher itself.
  Are vouchers refundable?
No, Thai consumer protection law does not imply this. However some merchants do provide a refund up to 7 days after a voucher purchase providing the voucher has not been redeemed. You can specify your own refund policy on your store’s general terms and conditions.
  Who manages my online store?
Voucherstore is a self-managed solution. We provide full system training prior to your online store going live and full support for the duration of the service.
  How long will it take to setup my online store?
Once we have received all of the required setup information, we can usually have your store setup, tested and live within 72 hours.
  How do I integrate the online store with my website and social channels?
Simply add the URL link we provide to your navigation menu, call to action buttons, Facebook page and LINE rich menu etc.
  How does Voucherstore charge/deduct commission fees?
Voucherstore’s commission fees are taken at source for online transactions. If you sell vouchers on site and accept payment outside of Voucherstore you will be invoiced accordingly the following month.
  How does Voucherstore charge/deduct fulfilment fees?
Voucherstore will invoice you the following month for all fulfilment fees relating to postal orders. There are no fees chargeable for email delivery.
  How secure is the system?
We use Stripe to process payments, providing you with a fully secure, PCI-DSS compliant payment system. The Voucherstore dashboard is password protected and all gift voucher codes are unique.
  Can I have multiple logins to the Voucherstore dashboard?
Yes; Voucherstore offers the facility to create multiple logins with different levels of access. In fact you can customize a unique role for each team member.