What information to include on a gift voucher

05 March, 2023

When it comes to creating a gift voucher, including the correct information is a critical detail that should not be overlooked. Here’s a comprehensive guide on gift voucher information best practices:

Business name and voucher name

These details are crucial for identifying the source of the voucher and what it can be used for. Combining them can improve search engine optimization (SEO) so customers can easily find the voucher online.

Voucher Description

Make sure the description is clear and concise, highlighting any unique features or benefits of the voucher. This is especially important for experience vouchers where the customer will definitely want to know what is included in their experience.

Expiry date

Including an expiry date is important to ensure the customer uses the voucher within a certain timeframe. A monetary gift voucher should offer at least a 12-month validity period, while experience vouchers may have a shorter validity period, especially when running a promotion.

Number of users

For experience vouchers, clarify the number of people who can participate to avoid confusion. This information isn’t required for gift cards or monetary vouchers that are redeemable in full or in part towards any product or service.

How to redeem the voucher

Outline the steps the customer needs to take to redeem the voucher, including how to contact your business to book or redeem the voucher. Depending on your business type, there are several ways to redeem a voucher. Here are a few options to consider:

  • Redeeming in advance: If your business requires customers to call in advance to redeem the voucher, make sure this is clearly communicated on the voucher. Provide the customer with a phone number or instructions on how to redeem the voucher through your booking system.
  • Redeeming on arrival: For businesses that allow customers to redeem the voucher when they arrive, make sure this is specified on the voucher. Provide clear instructions on how to present the voucher and what information the customer needs to provide.
  • Redeeming after the service: If customers are able to redeem the voucher after they have enjoyed the service, make sure this is specified on the voucher. Provide clear instructions on what they need to do and what information they need to provide.

Doing the above will help prevent cancellations, no-shows, and ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for the customer.

Terms & Conditions

When drafting terms and conditions for a gift voucher, it is crucial to consider several factors to protect your business and ensure a positive experience for your customers. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  • Transferability: Clearly state whether or not the voucher can be transferred to someone else. We typically recommend against this.
  • Refunds: Outline your refund policy clearly and concisely. Will you offer a full or partial refund, or no refund at all?
  • Exchange for cash: State whether or not the voucher can be exchanged for cash. This is rare and not recommended.
  • Validity period: Specify the voucher’s validity period and whether it can be extended.
  • Part redemption: Clarify whether the voucher can be partially redeemed or must be used in full.
  • Blackout periods: Indicate any holidays or busy periods when the voucher cannot be used.
  • Using the voucher to purchase another voucher: Generally, we advise against allowing customers to use a voucher to buy another voucher. Specify this in your terms.
  • Loss, theft, or stolen policy: Explain what steps the customer should take if their voucher is lost, stolen, or damaged.
  • Supplements: Specify if there is a supplement for certain extra items or services.
  • Booking policy: Specify if bookings are subject to your normal booking policy, including terms for no-shows and cancellations.

Gift voucher terms and conditions template

The terms and conditions example below relates to an experience voucher and, in our view, effectively addresses the aforementioned points.

Subject to availability, certain date exemptions apply | Price based on a Beach View Suite for 2 persons | Check in is at 2pm and checkout is at 12pm | Advance booking is required, please contact 02 000 000 and quote your voucher number at the time of booking | As per our standard booking policy vouchers will be automatically redeemed in the event of a no show | The voucher is valid for 12 months from the day of purchase | Vouchers are non-transferable, non-refundable and can not be exchanged for other vouchers | No change, or vouchers will be given for unspent balances | Supplements may apply to certain menu items | Please present your voucher for validation on arrival at the resort.

The Voucherstore team is available to assist you in creating your voucher information or terms and conditions. Feel free to contact us if you need help.